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Silicon Valley real estate & homes for sale - the Almaden Valley area of San Jose

Silicon Valley Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Los Gatos, San Jose, Silicon Valley real estate & homes for sale. In depth local market info from nationally recognized top Realtor & blogger Mary Pope-Handy, representing home sellers and home buyers throughout Santa Clara County. This website is here to help.

Professional philosophy for this website,  Buyers and sellers of Silicon Valley real estate & homes for sale want solid information that they can use to enable them to make good decisions regarding the sale or purchase of a property. This website is designed to assist you to learn about the local Santa Clara County residential real estate market, home types, neighborhoods & subdivisions, the process of buying & selling and more, whether you live here now or are relocating to the Los Gatos, Saratoga, San Jose area or elsewhere in the region. There are literally hundreds of pages of information on this website especially geared to be a comprehensive resource for Silicon Valley home buyers and sellers – and home owners who want to stay put, too.

Silicon Valley real estate & homes for sale: helpful info, no forced registration

Many internet-savvy buyers and sellers begin their Silicon Valley real estate education on the web 18 months or more before they are ready to buy or sell. Most don’t really want to talk to a Realtor too early on and would prefer to investigate alone & anonymously.  You will find plenty of reading on this site as well as my others (please see list of my other blogs and websites at the bottom of each page). There are also multiple ways you can view listed homes for sale. The simplest way is to search listed homes by map. (Or you can browse the map of Silicon Valley homes for sale below!)  There’s no forced registration for reports or to browse the housing inventory. If you want to save a search and come back to it later, you can register – but you aren’t made to do that.

Sorting out neighborhoods? We’ve got that covered – just check under Communities in the menu bar. Since this site is for Silicon Valley generally, includes are real estate and homes in San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County, and a little of Alameda County.   (more…)

Los Gatos videos

Mary Pope-Handy YouTube Channel & Los Gatos videos

Mary Pope-Handy YouTube Channel

On my YouTube Channel, you’ll find a Los Gatos videos and number of real estate and neighborhood films for Saratoga, San Jose, Silicon Valley, and California. There are some of me on camera, offering some real estate advice to home buyers and sellers.

Below, get a sampling of one playlist on Los Gatos neighborhoods, parks, downtown, and more. They are in some cases “rough” as I am not a professional videographer, but they will give you a good sense of this beautiful town and the many different and unique neighborhoods & architecture found here!

Los Gatos videos: neighborhoods, downtown, parks, and real estate info

Click on the menu icon in the upper left corner to see what’s on the playlist or to view a particular neighborhood’s video.

Please check out the channel at to learn more about Silicon Valley real estate, Saratoga CA, San Jose and the Santa Clara County area generally. You can also see some of my sold listings, but the focus is really not on my inventory, so that has not been a big priority. What else? You’ll also find videos “just for fun” on California Missions, Haunted Real Estate, and local history, “The Valley of Heart’s Delight” too.

Villa Montalvo in Saratoga

Luxury Properties and Estates

Silicon Valley offers a proliferation of high end cities, towns and neighborhoods with remarkable luxury properties and estate homes. These are not just homes with large price tags, but rather real estate with superior qualities and amenities not seen in regular homes. While in much of the U.S. a million dollars will buy a home worthy of the word “estate”, that is not the case in Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, or anywhere in Silicon Valley. (more…)

Los Gatos real estate market trends

How's the market? How are Los Gatos Real Estate Market Trends?The Los Gatos real estate market trends vary tremendously based on many factors, such as proximity to downtown, school district,  price point, home size and lot size, view, and naturally the condition of the home. Today we’ll consider the single family home or house segment throughout Los Gatos 95030 and 95032.  Not included here are the Los Gatos Mountains (Santa Cruz Mountains) or the condo / townhouse market.

Overall market comments:  right now, most of the houses listed for sale below $3 million are selling fairly well in most of Los Gatos when everything is right: home’s in good shape, no big scary issues, no unfixable problems with a big price tag attached to the job, and of course, an attractive list price.  In today’s climate, home buyers are wary of big ticket items such as foundation repairs, re-roofing, drainage work, and anything which seems to be a potentially costly unknown. If a house needs a total rehab, many regular buyers will step back and contractors and investors may be the ones to seal the deal. And that means it will sell for much less.

Days on market as an indicator of the Los Gatos real estate market trends

Just now (Aug 16, 2016) I pulled some numbers from the multiple listing service or MLS. For houses for sale, pending and sold in Los Gatos 95030 and 95032, there are 41 houses for sale under $3 million and the average days on market is 54.  For the same area but over $3 million, there are 21 properties on the market with an average time on the mls of 96 days. It is considerably harder to sell the more expensive properties: 78% harder, in fact. (And that is not factoring in school districts, which can swing that number quite a bit.) (more…)

A residential street in Evergreen

Silicon Valley Real Estate’s Micro Markets

Many nation-wide websites would have you believe that you can understand the Silicon Valley real estate market by simply plotting trends by city, zip code, or by tracking sales activity within 1 mile of any given property.  While this qualifies as a popular and an easy answer, it’s not a very good one and usually provides far from accurate results. The reason for this is that we don’t have just one real estate market, but many micro markets instead.

Silicon Valley is a large region.  It covers all of Santa Clara County, most of San Mateo County, and parts of Alameda and Santa Cruz Counties.  Within each county there are vast differences, of course, but sometimes those vast differences occur even within one zip code or smaller area. Sometimes even within one block!  I sold a Monte Sereno home that had Campbell schools, while directly across the same street there was a house within the Los Gatos school system. Those are different markets. (more…)