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Are you looking for a very successful, knowledgeable Los Gatos real estate agent? In the town of Los Gatos alone, there are about 1000 Realtors hanging their licenses at one brokerage office or another.  Many of them don’t live in town, and many don’t sell here at all. Others advertising themselves as a Los Gatos Realtor neither live in town nor have an office here.

It can be hard to sift through a lot of noise to find a great real estate agent who’s a strong advocate to work with, one who knows the ins and outs of Los Gatos, understands the market and the inventory, and can help you to maximize either buying or selling.

Learn about Los Gatos from a valley native, Los Gatos real estate agent, and local blogger

Fell in love with Los Gatos because of your blog - regarding Live in Los Gatos blog, by Los Gatos real estate agent Mary Pope-HandyMy home and office are both in Los Gatos and have been since the 90s – home is in east Los Gatos and office is Sereno Group in downtown Los Gatos.

I’ve been selling Los Gatos real estate since 1993 and have represented buyers and sellers on properties ranging from modest condos, townhouses and houses to multi-million dollar estates.

My enthusiasm for Los Gatos comes through loud and clear in my Live in Los Gatos Blog articles, where you’ll find the most detailed, drilled down information on Los Gatos neighborhoods, the real estate market (including by price point and high school district), events, and more.

One relocating client said to me “I fell in love with Los Gatos because of your blog”.

If you do research on the Los Gatos real estate market trends, areas in which to live, or any other information on the town for newcomers, you’ll find my name, Mary Pope-Handy, attached to many of the results, as I have a few blogs and online resources. If you haven’t seen these already, please check them out:

For many people, what I share on my blogs and social media is the# 1 source of real estate information in Los Gatos. Info is drilled down to a level not found on the big, national sites or in any other agent’s blog or website locally.  That’s an angle that makes me a uniquely informative Los Gatos real estate agent.

Mary Pope-Handy - Los Gatos real estate agentAnd, of course, I don’t just videotape, photograph, and write about Los Gatos real estate and homes.  I preview, show buyers, list and sell Los Gatos homes in every part of town, in every price point or school district.  Usually I’m in the top 3-5% of agents in Silicon Valley for production (and you can see testimonials at my site, on Zillow or Yelp).

Looking for a top Los Gatos real estate agent who’s truly focused on Los Gatos?  Check out the Live in Los Gatos blog and the Los Gatos real estate links provided above.  Please drop me a note or give me a call.  Not ready yet? That’s OK too… Feel free to check out the many articles on my blog or Facebook page.