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Photo of the Public Shore sign with reeds and a boat in the background in Alviso

Alviso, San Jose’s community on the water

Alviso is a small community on the marshy, southern tip of the San Francisco Bay. Originally it was its own city, incorporated in 1852. Ever since 1968, though, it’s been part of the 10th largest city in the United States, San Jose. (It’s the northernmost part of the city.)

Alviso has had more than its share of troubles.  Being in a low-lying area, when we have had heavy El Niño rains in Silicon Valley, the brunt of it tends to be in places like this which are both in low elevations and close to the bay, where rivers and streams let out. Further, it’s a place with a very high water table.

The community in Alviso has suffered from terrible flooding in both 1995 and 1983, and many times prior to that, too.  After one bad winter, remediation work was done, but unfortunately compounded problems when serpentine, the state rock of California, was used at levies.  The problem? Serpentine is full of asbestos.  Needless to say, that was a massive undertaking to clean up the environmental hazards.

Visiting Alviso

My family and I like to visit Alviso for lunch at Maria Elena’s (yummy Mexican food) and a walk on the trails by the bay.  This is especially pleasant when the rest of Santa Clara County is under the dome of a heat wave or for those of us who don’t want to dine indoors due to Covid..  Additionally, it’s a great place to be if you have pollen allergies as there’s a lot less of the stuff at the shore of the bay with the breeze blowing in from over the water. You can find this eatery at 1450 Gold St, Alviso, CA 95002 (408) 791-6171

Another great place to visit is the beautiful Alviso Marina County Park 1195 Hope St, Alviso, CA 95002.

Between the wildlife refuges and its historic areas, not to mention some really good food, this is an area worth seeing and spending time in.

Another note or two

Alviso is not a wealthy community.  Homes there are more affordable than most in Silicon Valley by a pretty wide margin. Whenever living near salt water, extra care must be taken to protect your home, particularly if you have metal or wrought iron (hand rails, mail boxes, or?).

On a personal note, I have always thought that this community has so much potential that isn’t being expressed. It’s sad to see the boats choked into place with the tall reeds. I often have wondered what it would take to have a working marina with better access for those who want to sail from there.


National Wildlife Refuge in Alviso

A little about the city of San Jose:

Named for the Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe in 1777, San Jose was the first civil settlement in California and the first state capital. It was also the first major city with a woman mayor and is home to a new convention and cultural center. San Jose is the nation’s top high-tech growth center and ranks fifth in the nation in manufacturing. Shopping center, museums, recreational areas and parks abound. Perhaps most importantly, San Jose considers itself to be the capital of Silicon Valley.

Below, please find the live Altos Research chart showing the median list price of homes for sale – this will give you an idea of what a house in Alviso might cost.

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research


Real estate and homes for sale in Alviso

Please also see a view of homes for sale in Alviso by map.

How’s the real estate market in Alviso?

Not many homes are in Alviso, so the data may seem wonky and full of wild fluctuations. This is a factor of the tiny number of sales each month.

Use the tools in my ReReport for Alviso to check current and past market analysis.