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Blossom Valley is a varied district in the City of San Jose, with some neighborhoods close to the Santa Teresa foothills and park and others close to shopping and commute routes. It’s a moderately priced area that’s also pretty convenient on many fronts, so it is of interest to many potential home buyers.

From most of this area of San Jose there are beautiful hills that are hard to miss! The Santa Cruz Mountains are in the photos below, which was shot from Oakridge Mall a few years ago.


Oakridge Mall in Blossom Valley, San Jose - view of coastal hills June 11 2015


Where is the Blossom Valley area of San Jose?

Blossom Valley is a valley which sits between the Santa Teresa Foothills and Communications Hill on the south side of downtown San Jose.

It borders other parts of San Jose in all directions: Cambrian Park, Willow Glen, Santa Teresa, and the Santa Teresa Foothills all ring this district.

The zip codes for the community include most of 95123 and 95136 with a little fraction of 95125 and 95118. Technically there is a tiny bit of 95120, at the base of the Santa Teresa Foothills, too, but that may just be parkland or private land with no houses there.

The multiple listing service, or MLS, calls this “area 12”.

Here’s a basic map with the MLS area shown in red and the zip codes in blue. In a few places they line up, such as along Monterey Highway , Cottle Road, and a little of Almaden Expressway.


Blossom Valley area of San Jose and zip code map

What is Blossom Valley like?

Like Cambrian, Blossom Valley doesn’t have a “downtown”. It is suburbia. It does offer q quieter pace than downtown San Jose and has tons of shopping. More affordable than Cambrian or Willow Glen, generally, it’s a little “further out”. But that’s not always the case. Some areas are very close to Almaden Expressway, for instance, and that makes for a relatively quick trip to downtown San Jose or to access Highway 85.

It’s served by the light rail and both Highway 85 and 87 and offers a very reasonable commute time to downtown San Jose.

The schools there are pretty good overall though it’s imperative to check each one as scores vary from one to the next and sometimes from year to year. Baker and Sakamoto Elementary Schools are highly sought after.

Oakridge Mall, now called Westfield Oakridge Mall, is perhaps the best known part of Blossom Valley. Sears, Macys, Target are all anchor stores there. With the recent renovation of the mall, parking can be a headache (and there’s valet parking if you are rushed but they do charge for it). The remodel was tastefully done, though, and the choices of restaurants, shops and movies to take in make it a good destination. You can even get a chair massage at Oakridge.

Also in Blossom Valley, you can enjoy miniature golf and a waterslide. Boulder Ridge Golf Club is in this district, too, and it provides gorgeous views. For variety, go a little south to the Santa Teresa district and enjoy a round at the Santa Teresa Golf Club.

Love to hike? Try out Santa Teresa County Park, which is huge and extends from Santa Teresa into Blossom Valley. There are many other City of San Jose parks in this corner of town. One of my favorites is La Colina Park, which enjoys 25.5 acres!

Many areas are close to the beautiful Santa Teresa foothills. The southwestern corner of this district stretches to beautiful Lake Almaden, too. There’s no shortage of natural beauty!

Because the weather is mild, it’s not too unusual to find pools in nicer home owner associations or apartment complexes. The one below is from Park Almaden, a condo complex not too far from Lake Almaden.


Clubhouse and Pool at Park Almaden in Blossom Valley


Blossom Valley real estate: home types, prices, and housing market


Spanishy ranch home in Blossom Valley, San Jose


The majority of houses here are single story, ranch style houses. Some may have architectural features reminiscent of Spanish style homes, others perhaps some Craftsman, but they are unmistakably ranch. Some newer construction can be found and there’s a little more variety there, as well as among townhome and condo complexes.


Blossom Valley ranch style home in 95123

Housing costs are less in this area than in much of San Jose, but they are not inexpensive!  In San Jose as a whole, the average sale price of a house (in summer 2023) is about $1,750,000. In Blossom Valley, the average price of a house is about $1,500,000. Small, modest condos may be half that much. Larger, luxurious townhouses will sell between $1.1 and $1.3 million and they represent the high end of that segment of the market.

The real estate market is generally warm to hot here. The demand will always rise for homes close to good schools, parks, commute routes, eateries, etc. and will be less challenging if there are any location deficits.

Each month, we update the real estate market in many areas of Santa Clara County, including this district. Please check it out here: The real estate market in San Jose’s Blossom Valley area.



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