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Earthquake Insurance

Do you need earthquake insurance?  If you live in Los Gatos, Saratoga, San Jose, or anywhere in Silicon Valley, you are probably aware that it is very likely that we’ll experience a violent quake within the next 30 years.  The San Francisco Bay Area is woven with a number of different faults, some very active, others quiet

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Can you buy a Silicon Valley home with ten percent down?

Silicon Valley Realtors have been seeing a “shifting market” for about a year now, at least in many segments of the real estate market. What does that mean for home buyers and home sellers? One major difference is the amount of cash, or the percentage of cash down, needed to compete in the bidding wars

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Loan Abuses

Due to the fact that Silicon Valley home buyers often don’t really know the exact amount of their loan or closing costs until they are at the closing table, there can be both the appearance and unfortunately the occasional reality of loan abuse. Although this has changed somewhat in the last few years due to both

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