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The Role of the Internet

Given the revolution in technology that we’ve experienced over the last few years we must look  at what technology can  and  cannot do.  This  differentiation is especially crucial when dealing with real estate, an  environment where online companies clutter the bandwidth and your inbox with schemes to save incredible amounts of money and time by using

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What nickname will your house get from Silicon Valley home buyers?

Silicon Valley home buyers tend to give the each property they see a nickname so that they can remember which home they’re talking about. Often the nickname references a quirk of the  home, though sometimes an outstanding feature, which makes the most memorable or unique impression and ends up becoming a label for the home.  What

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Managing real estate stress and worry

Buying and selling real estate – especially in pricey, overheated Silicon Valley – can make a wreck of anyone.  Sometimes clients turn to me and say “how can you do this for a living?”  They are bewildered that I can take so much stress. (The short answer is that helping someone to buy or sell

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How To Make People Line Up And Beg To Buy Your Home

Last week I sold a listing in San Jose with 10 offers in a market where 3-4 might have been expected. What created that level of interest?  What can you as a Silicon Valley home seller do to elicit that buyer frenzy which results in many more offers than is normal, and thus a far

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To People That Want To Sell a Home But Can’t Get Started

So you want to sell your Silicon Valley home, but feel overwhelmed?  You aren’t alone!  It’s hard to even get started when the job is so enormous.  I’ve helped many people who felt the same way get to the other side with a successful sale and move.  Today I’ll share some tips so that you

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Here’s a Quick Way to Get Your Home Show Ready

When your house is on the market, you may or may not always be ready for last minute showing appointments.  Here’s a list of quick tips to get your home “show ready” fast. Preparing Your Silicon Valley House on a Moment’s Notice Follow these quick tips to ready your home for its best showing when

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Play the Field and Lose the Game: Work With Just One Realtor

Mary is extremely knowledgeable about real estate in the Silicon Valley. She found a home for my family in a neighborhood I wasn’t even aware of, but that suited my family’s needs perfectly. —Kieran Sullivan Your home is sold and you are ready to buy your next place: congratulations! Now that you are under contract

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Things which will make a home buyer RUN from purchasing your home

Buyers buy and pay more when they are confident about a home’s condition, location, layout, etc..  They pay less, or reject a home completely, when they are afraid, whether they’re concerned about high voltage power lines, an odor in the house, a scary condition revealed on the inspections, sitting in a natural hazard zone, or just

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A typo could cost you – sellers, please check the MLS for errors!

Most days I find myself searching the local MLS on behalf of my home buyer clients for Silicon Valley real estate.  Sometimes it’s houses in Los Gatos or Saratoga or Campbell, other times it’s condos or townhomes in parts of San Jose like Almaden or Cambrian – or anywhere in Santa Clara County.  No matter where

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Why your Realtor stays in touch years after you bought or sold your home

Do you ever wonder why the real estate agent who helped you to buy your house 20 years ago is still sending you postcards or otherwise “keeping in touch”?  Naturally, he or she wants your repeat and referral business.  Some statistics from the National Association of Realtors lays out how home owners thought they’d choose

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