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The Role of the Internet

Given the revolution in technology that we’ve experienced over the last few years we must look  at what technology can  and  cannot do.  This  differentiation is especially crucial when dealing with real estate, an  environment where online companies clutter the bandwidth and your inbox with schemes to save incredible amounts of money and time by using

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How To Make People Line Up And Beg To Buy Your Home

Last week I sold a listing in San Jose with 10 offers in a market where 3-4 might have been expected. What created that level of interest?  What can you as a Silicon Valley home seller do to elicit that buyer frenzy which results in many more offers than is normal, and thus a far

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Play the Field and Lose the Game: Work With Just One Realtor

Mary is extremely knowledgeable about real estate in the Silicon Valley. She found a home for my family in a neighborhood I wasn’t even aware of, but that suited my family’s needs perfectly. —Kieran Sullivan Your home is sold and you are ready to buy your next place: congratulations! Now that you are under contract

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Preparing for Uncle Sam

This article is from one of the chapters in my book, with very slight revisions, “Get the Best Deal when Selling Your Home in Silicon Valley”, with Ken Deshaies, 2004. Whether you’re self-employed, a wage earner or own your own business, you know that Uncle Sam, through the Internal Revenue Service, is your silent partner.

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Buying Your Next Home

This article is 99% a chapter from my book, with slight edits: “Get the Best Deal When Selling Your Home in Silicon Valley”, co-authored with Ken Deshaies, pub Dec 2004.  Link to purchase the book on Amazon – or just read various chapters on this site. Related article on this site: When you want to

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How Much Is Your Home Really Worth?

When you are ready to sell your Silicon Valley home, you must determine the “asking” or list price with your Realtor®’s advice. This may be a compromise between the fair market value and the price that you hope to get, depending on your market conditions and strategy. Once you determine this number, you should also adjust

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Screening Prospective Buyers

Mary knows the real estate business. She excels at every aspect of a home sale: property preparation, staging, seller protection, advertising, closing and getting the best price. She is conscientious and works very hard to get the job done efficiently. I give her my highest recommendation. —Rob C. Home Selling Motivation The motivation for selling

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Pre-Sale Preparation for Home Sellers

Author note: this is a lengthy article which is 99% a reprint from a chapter in the book I co-authored with Ken Deshaies, “Get the Best Deal when Selling Your Home in Silicon Valley”. It has been updated as needed. Your pre-sale preparation is key to your success not just in selling your Silicon Valley

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Selling Your Home in an Up or Down Market

Although the asking price may need slight modifications, regardless of the real estate market, a good Realtor® will be able to help you sell your Silicon Valley home. This may be important to the many sellers out there who cannot wait for a market turnaround. The reality is, if the house is priced fairly and your

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Using a Silicon Valley Realtor (part 2)

This article is part 2 of 3 on working with a Realtor or real estate agent. You can find part one here: Real Estate Designations and Training Anyone worth their salt in any profession continues to update their knowledge about the work they do. Doctors, lawyers and mechanics face an ever-changing world when it

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