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Looking for a top Los Gatos real estate agent?

Are you looking for a very successful, knowledgeable Los Gatos real estate agent? In the town of Los Gatos alone, there are about 1000 Realtors hanging their licenses at one brokerage office or another.  Many of them don’t live in town, and many don’t sell here at all.  Others advertising themselves as a Los Gatos

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Managing real estate stress and worry

Buying and selling real estate – especially in pricey, overheated Silicon Valley – can make a wreck of anyone.  Sometimes clients turn to me and say “how can you do this for a living?”  They are bewildered that I can take so much stress. (The short answer is that helping someone to buy or sell

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Why your Realtor stays in touch years after you bought or sold your home

Do you ever wonder why the real estate agent who helped you to buy your house 20 years ago is still sending you postcards or otherwise “keeping in touch”?  Naturally, he or she wants your repeat and referral business.  Some statistics from the National Association of Realtors lays out how home owners thought they’d choose

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