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WritingCan you really have too much of a good thing? Perhaps, but not when it’s in depth real estate information! Below please find a list of my blogs and a description on each one.

Blogs by Mary Pope-Handy:

Silicon Valley Real Estate Reading

Live in Los Gatos  was my first successful blog. Original description: “A blog about Los Gatos real estate, homes, houses, condos, townhomes, housing market, neighborhoods, history, events, businesses, parks, schools, photos, issues, and lifestyle by Mary Pope-Handy, town resident, enthusiast and Realtor.” Also, it’s a place to live, as in “come to live in Los Gatos” (not like in Saturday Night Live).

The back story to Live in Los Gatos: Begun in late 2006, this site started on the Real Town platform but moved to WordPress in 2014. I really began to build it out in 2007 during the Project Blogger competition, which I entered as an apprentice together with my mentor, Frances Flynn Thorsen. We won the nationwide competition and our $5000 winnings were donated to CARE. But more to the point for a Los Gatos Realtor, it did bring me business and within a year or two I was closing some nice sales as a direct result of my writing on LILG.

Number of articles:  Over 810 as of May 2023.

Live in Los Gatos Blog by Mary Pope-Handy (aka the Valley of Hearts Delight blog) – since writing about Los Gatos took off so well, I decided to experiment and branch out geographically but narrow the topic to more real estate centric. Geographically, the focus is on Los Gatos, Almaden, Cambrian, Campbell, Monte Sereno, Saratoga, and the Los Gatos Mountains (so LG and what’s closest) – but also includes most all of Santa Clara County.

Number of articles:  About 1,100 as of May 2023 is a relocation website, a resource for people thinking of moving to the Peninsula or South Bay areas or generally to Silicon Valley. Things discussed include area information, cost of housing (mostly to buy but some rental info shared), comparing the cost of homes from one community to the next, traffic patterns, micro climates, schools and more.

Number of articles: about 124

Move 2 Silicon Valley Blog Page Header was added in 2015 to my much older website,, which was first published around 2000. The site is aimed at the broader Silicon Valley real estate market, so includes area info on San Mateo County and Santa Cruz County as well as Santa Clara County. This site has a slight focus on selling, though you can find relevant articles for sellers across all of my realty-centric websites.

This has about 120 articles on it.



Belwood of Los Gatos is a site dedicated to the Belwood, Belgatos, and Surmont neighborhoods of east Los Gatos, which has about 500 homes in it.

Number of articles: about 140


Those are my most active websites currently, but find more reading below!

Mary’s Articles on Active Rain – I’m not active here anymore, but you can still read some of my older articles.

Number of articles: about 330


Non-Real Estate: Mary’s Hobby Writing

These are not related to my work, and therefore don’t get updated with anywhere near the same frequency as my real estate writing. – just for fun stories about real estate with (usually) unseen residents.

Number of articles: 121 as of August 2017 (usually most active in October)


Silicon Valley Catholic
In a totally different vein, this site is about being Catholic in Silicon Valley and reflections on a wide variety of related topics. My background and work prior to real estate was in theology and ministry. Still love it. Created in 2011 and not too many posts here.


And of course you can always find me on social media as well: