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Los Gatos Real Estate And Homes For Sale

What do you need to know about Los Gatos real estate & homes for sale?

Los Gatos is a unique part of Silicon Valley with its quaint downtown, multiple historic districts, loads of parks and ongoing events.  The Los Gatos real estate market is likewise unlike any other.

So many factors for 10 square miles!

Much of the Los Gatos real estate market is driven by schools, land, views, proximity to downtown, and history, but of course home size, lot size, and condition are vitally important also.

Los Gatos (and Monte Sereno too) is full of  realty”micro climates“. Knowing how all of the town is doing may be somewhat useful, but what’s most important to your getting the best deal is what’s happening in your segment of the market.  The condo market for The Commons, a seniors community, is going to be much different than a small ranch style house in either far east or far west Los Gatos, and they will be different from a luxury home perched on Blackberry Hill.  And it’s not constant.  During a buyer’s market these segments may behave one way relative to each other, and in a seller’s market it may flip completely as to what’s hot and what’s not.