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Campbell percolation pondsCampbell is centrally located and has loads to offer. It’s a very popular community and for good reason.

The city boasts a wonderful downtown with shops, restaurants, a Manresa bakery, coffee houses, and a bustling Farmer’s Market on Sunday.

Nearby is a beautiful 30-acre community center where the community can enjoy classes, workshops, and plays, musicals, or other events. It offers gyms, auditorium, track and tennis, as well as a year-round pool.

The city of Campbell also enjoys a shopping mall, the Pruneyard, with a luxury movie theater and more restaurants, stores, and open spaces for events and entertainment. In close proximity there’s a Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and many of the ordinary stores and businesses that people need. On Winchester Boulevard you’ll also find a discount movie theater.

Love to visit parks? Campbell boasts 14 of them, and even shares a dog park with its neighbor, Los Gatos.  There is a pleasant bike trail along the Los Gatos Creek Trail, which will take you into Los Gatos and someday will connect to the San Francisco Bay.

From Campbell it’s easy to use the light rail, to hop on Highway 17 / 880, or to use San Tomas Expressway to get to work areas.

Schools range from fair to excellent, depending on where in Campbell the home is located.

Crime is not rampant, with low to average rates.

Balmy Santa Clara Valley with average temperatures add to the enjoyment with winter lows around 50° and summer averages around 80°.

Campbell history

It began as a community of farmers busily working the fruit orchards and grew to including canning plants once the railroad was established. The most popular fruit grown in Campbell was the prune, as was the case with much of the valley. Reminders of the past can be seen in the naming of the main shopping center, “The Pruneyard” and in the annual Prune Festival.

The City of Campbell was incorporated in 1952, and it no longer has acres of orchards, but slowly developed into a much beloved community. Campbell fruits and nuts tiles seen in downtown

If you love local history, check out the link above and be sure to visit both the historical museum as well as the Ainsely House.

What are homes like in Campbell?

There are a variety of housing types available, from mobile homes and apartments to condos, townhomes, and single family homes.

Close to downtown, there’s a large seniors apartment building too.

Many houses sprung up from the 50s to the 70s, but there are also some very charming old Victorians gracing the area near downtown Campbell.

In general, there’s a little bit of everything in terms of homes in Campbell.

Prices are generally higher than in neighboring San Jose, but lower than in Los Gatos or Saratoga. (As compared to Cambrian Park in San jose, it seems to be 10-20% more.) This is not a luxury market town like Los Gatos or Saratoga, but it does have some very  high end neighborhoods or pockets. One of my favorite streets is Campbell Avenue by Leigh Avenue. On the west side of Leigh it’s in Campbell, and on the east side it’s Willow Glen. Both lovely, with larger homes and lots and beautiful tree lined streets. (This is close to the Dry Creek Road area.)

The Campbell real estate market is often strong because the city has so much to offer. Read more on the Campbell real estate market trends here on this site’s blog. This article in on our Valley of Heart’s Delight blog and we update it monthly.

Interested in selling a home or buying one in Campbell? Please reach out to me and we can chat. Email is always the best first step:

Below is a quick look at the real estate market in Campbell via Altos Research. It is automatically updated each week.