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Campbell percolation pondsCampbell touches Los Gatos on one side and various parts of San Jose on the others (Willow Glen, Cambrian Park). It began as a community of farmers busily working the fruit orchards and grew to including canning plants once the railroad was established. The most popular fruit grown in Campbell was the prune, as was the case with much of the valley. Reminders of the past can be seen in the naming of the main shopping center, “The Pruneyard” and in the annual Prune Festival.

The City of Campbell no longer has acres of orchards, but instead a vibrant downtown area, a great parks system, nice middle-class homes (for the most part), and schools which range from fair to very good.

Campbell fruits and nuts tiles seen in downtown

Crime is not rampant, with low to average rates.

There are a variety of housing types available, from mobile homes and apartments to condos, townhomes, and single family homes. Close to downtown, there’s a large seniors apartment building too. Many houses sprung up from the 50s to the 70s, but there are also some very charming old Victorians gracing the area near downtown Campbell. The Ainsley House is open to the public and definitely worth a visit too!

Residents enjoy a 30-acre community center with gyms, auditorium, track and tennis, as well as a year-round pool and fourteen parks. There is a pleasant bike trail along the Los Gatos Creek Trail, which will take you into Los Gatos and someday will connect to the San Francisco Bay. Balmy Santa Clara Valley with average temperatures add to the enjoyment with winter lows around 50° and summer averages around 80°.

The Campbell real estate market is often strong because the city has so much to offer. Read more on the Campbell real estate market trends here on this site’s blog.