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Monte Sereno

Monte Sereno stained glass from post officeMonte Sereno is the smallest city in Santa Clara County (where most of Silicon Valley resides). Adjacent to Los Gatos, it shares policing, parks,  and library services with its larger neighbor.  Most of Monte Sereno’s homes are within the Los Gatos Union School District, too.

Like Saratoga, Los Gatos, and the Almaden area of San Jose, Monte Sereno is a west valley community situated at the base of the coastal range or Santa Cruz Mountains, and those lovely hills dominate the scenery there.

Unlike everywhere else in Santa Clara County, Monte Sereno is residential only.  There are no shops, restaurants, bars, salons, or other commercial buildings there.  You will find a post office (not open much) and the city offices.  That’s it.

I’ve written about Monte Sereno much more extensively on my “Live in Los Gatos” blog and invite you to learn more about this pretty, upscale suburban community there.

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