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Mary Pope-Handy and Clair Handy, Realtors and real estate bloggers covering Santa Clara County and adjacent areas

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This site is part of a network of sites and blogs that we run, this one being the oldest and covering the broadest area (multiple counties in Silicon Valley / Bay Area), with a focus on home selling. We are Los Gatos real estate agents serving Santa Clara County, and sometimes a little beyond. 

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Real Real EstateMary Pope-Handy, Silicon Valley Realtor since 1993Mary Pope-Handy

As a Santa Clara Valley native and real estate agent and Realtor since 1993, I know Silicon Valley and Silicon Valley real estate like the back of my hand. I love the myriad of communities that make up the lower San Francisco Bay Area.

Silicon Valley encompasses a broad region, including Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, and a little of Alameda and Santa Cruz Counties.

Santa Clara County, now sometimes called "lower Silicon Valley", was once known as The Valley of Heart's Delight. This is where we focus our work in helping nice folks to buy and sell homes, but we do have experience throughout these counties and beyond.

Looking for information? We have a number of blogs, and between them there are over 2,000 articles on Silicon Valley real estate, neighborhoods, homes, and related tips for consumers. This one,, covers Silicon Valley more broadly than our other sites (which seldom go beyond Santa Clara County), but also will include San Jose, Los Gatos, and nearby areas.

Of course, no website (no matter how comprehensive) can take the place of personal guidance and advice. we'd welcome the opportunity to connect with you, discuss your home buying or selling plans, and see if we might be able to work together for your real estate goals.

Mary Pope-Handy
Christie's International Real Estate Sereno  (Los Gatos office)
DRE Real Estate Agent License # 01153805


Clair Handy, Realtor, 2021Clair Handy

Mary's daughter and long-time real estate assistant, I chose to obtain my real estate license and become a Realtor in 2021 to work alongside Mary to help even more nice folks buy and sell homes in Silicon Valley.

I have been researching and contributing to Mary's blogs for many years, and have a deep knowledge about the local real estate market, home styles, red flags (I have a very keen eye), and housing trends. With a special affection for both historic homes and resource-efficient home design, I'm always working to further my education. This passion allows me to be a tremendous asset to our clients.

With a bachelor's from LMU’s College of Communication and Fine Arts with honors, and a background in museums and historic homes, I combine research and data-driven analysis with clear and thoughtful communication for the benefit of our clients and readers.

Watch for my byline on our many sites!

Clair Handy
Realtor, GREEN
Christie's International Real Estate Sereno  (Los Gatos office)
DRE Real Estate Agent License # 02153633




Neighborhood Info & Recent Articles

Los Gatos real estate market trends

Los Gatos real estate market trends

The Los Gatos real estate market trends point to a warm to hot seller's market in most price points for worry-free properties (in good shape, good location, no major issues). It's almost like there are two main markets: one is for newer listings that are in great...

Real Estate Info

Viewing an open house

Viewing an open house

Viewing an open house - what do you need to know? There are 2 broad categories: what you are looking for in the home, yard, and area, and, if it's an open house, the impression you make on the listing agent. Of course, sellers want to make their property as attractive...

Sell one home and buy another

Sell one home and buy another

How do you sell one home and buy another? Most people who buy and sell a house need the equity from the current home to go into the next one. There are a few possible approaches. In order of what I believe to be the probability of success, these options include:...



An escrow is an arrangement in which a disinterested or neutral third party, called an escrow holder, holds legal documents and funds on behalf of a buyer and seller, and distributes them according to the buyer's and seller's written instructions. Normally that means...