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Sign at Cambrian Park Plaza in San JoseIf quality education, affordability, and safety are on your check list, take a look at Cambrian. Alternatively known as Cambrian Park, or sometimes Cambrian Village, this is a highly desirable suburban district covering about four square miles nestled in quiet West San Jose.

Close to Los Gatos and Campbell, it enjoys good schools, low crime (no area is crime – free), two new libraries, two Farmer’s Markets, plenty of shopping including San Jose’s first mall – the Cambrian Park Shopping Center, a great Hospital, Good Samaritan, an easy commute between the 85 and 87 freeways, and a fabulous rec center, the Camden Community Center.

The district’s name actually comes from the naming of the school, around the mid to late 1800s, and the schools remain a major draw to the area. Although all three school districts in Cambrian Park are very good, the Cambrian School District, Cambrian’s namesake, is most highly acclaimed. A number of schools throughout Cambrian Park sport Blue Ribbon or other awards, and some schools receive grants such as the Noyce Grant Program to support creative programs.

Housing ranges from affordable condos to luxury houses with views, and some communities share a cabaña with pools and swim teams. Most neighborhoods are “conforming” (all homes fairly similar to each other in size and age and style), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t scenic homes and neighborhoods. The foothills have beautiful views and old trees, and there are a number of neighborhoods with blocks of tree lined streets. Neighborhood parks, such as Houge Park, also make for a great ambiance.

Cambrian zip codes and school districts

Children in Cambrian Park may attend schools in the Cambrian School District, the Union School District, or the San Jose Unified School District, depending on where they live. (Cambrian spans 95124, 95118 and part of the 95008 zip code areas – on the MLS, it’s “area 14”). All of these areas have good schools, and some of them are very highly rated and sport Blue Ribbon or other awards. In the Cambrian School District, for example, the students usually rank in the highest quartile for both the the math and reading sections in standardized testing. Some schools receives grants, such as the Noyce Grant Program, to support creative and effective programs.

The adjoining areas are good too.  Close to Los Gatos and a reasonable commute to downtown San Jose, Cambrian can enjoy San Jose’s professional hockey team (The Sharks), a symphony, art, ballet, and outdoors recreation, while also taking advantage of its own friendly atmosphere and extremely convenient shopping.

With Google expanding into downtown San Jose near Diridon Station, the 95118 area of Cambrian is set to see a strong interest in home buying as it’s close to Almaden Expressway, which makes short work of getting to downtown San Jose.


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The real estate market and homes for sale in San Jose’s Cambrian area

Below please find a live Altos Research chart, showing the median list price of homes for sale – this will give you an idea of what a house might cost there.

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

Homes for sale in San Jose’s Cambrian Park

Use the map below to see what’s for sale in this area of Santa Clara County.

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