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Saratoga California real estate - aerial photo of Saratoga with a cell phone image of a house Saratoga California real estate is among the most desirable and the most expensive in the San Francisco Bay Area and with good cause.

Saratoga is a scenic, upscale community which is snuggled into the base of the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. The area is popular due to the high quality of public school education, the charming downtown (known as Saratoga Village), the close proximity to work centers in Cupertino and Sunnyvale, and the beautiful landscape with mountains, rolling hills, trees, vineyards, and more. Saratoga is a Silicon Valley destination for concerts, hiking, excellent restaurants, and shopping. Many fall in love and decide to make it their home.

Saratoga California real estate prices

Housing costs in Saratoga will be impacted by many factors, including the assigned elementary, middle, and high schools, the size of the home, size of the lot, views, condition / remodeling, and proximity to The Village.

Homes will be more affordable with Westmont High rather than Saratoga High or Lynbrook High. They’ll be less expensive on busy roads, near high voltage power lines, freeways, or other busy routes. And, of course, if they have deferred maintenance or need updating, those will likewise make the barrier to entry lower.

As of August 2023, the median sale price of houses sold in the last 120 days was $3,800,000 and the average sale price was $4,040,809.

It’s nearly impossible to buy a house in Saratoga for under $2 million, but the odds of that are greatest in the Quito Village area of town.


Saratoga California real estate - Quito Village neighborhood map

Saratoga real estate market stats and data

Each month, Clair and I update the Saratoga housing market on our main blog, the Valley of Heart’s Delight blog, and there you’ll find the most current data for sold listings, pending sales, active listings, and many other data points.  Check it out: Saratoga CA Real Estate Market Update.

Right now, the most affordable homes are the ones most in demand, and those homes are selling the fastest. Most listed houses go pending or under contract in 30 days or less, and the majority of them are 21 days or fewer. That said, one high end home (over $8 million) recently took 295 days to sell. But it is the outlier.

One of the elements in that post is pricing info from Altos Research for this week (list prices), shown here:


You can also see our Altos Research weekly report for Saratoga 95070 here. I love the bottom section, where you can find a clear set of characteristics typical of the 4 pricing tiers. Here’s this week’s. The caveats include (1) these are LIST prices, and sale prices often are higher and (2) this is for all school areas, and some areas will be far more costly than others.  Click on the image to see the report, then scroll to the bottom to see a clearer and more expanded view of this quartile info.


Saratoga CA real estate market update - Altos Research info on LIST prices by quartile


You can learn more about the neighborhoods, subdivisions, and school districts here: Saratoga Real Estate And Saratoga Homes For Sale

Below please find a map of real estate for sale in the city of Saratoga.  Please note that there are a number of school districts in this city, and schools are a major driver of home values.  Proximity to downtown Saratoga, or “Saratoga Village” as well as views can pull values up.  Being too close to high voltage lines, the freeway, or in a remote location may bring values down.  To learn more about the properties for sale, click on the real estate pins below.

Learn more about Saratoga California real estate at another article on this page.

Rental homes

What about homes for rent in Saratoga, ca? Most lease and rental properties – the vast majority, over 95% – are “for rent by owner” and in those cases there is no role for the real estate agent or Realtor to be involved.  Most of the rental properties will be on Zillow, Craigslist, etc. – just be careful as there is fraud out there! You can also do a search on and may see a  small handful of rental homes listed there.

Saratoga California real estate – neighborhood posts on our main site

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The Bellgrove neighborhood in Saratoga

Prides Crossing neighborhood

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