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San Jose, Los Gatos and Silicon Valley Area Schools,
School Scores, Reports and Information

One of the most important factor that drives home values is the quality of the local schools. Great schools tend to help buffer the value when the real estate market is not so good, and can spike prices when it’s a hot sellers market. So whether you have kids (or kids in public schools) or not, it’s wise to have a sense of the scores in Silicon Valley Schools.

A word or two for those relocating here from out of Santa Clara County: in this valley, the school district boundaries do not necessarily or even usually follow the town or city lines. For instance, in the city of Saratoga, there are three high school districts that include Campbell Union High School District (Prospect High), the Los Gatos – Saratoga High School District (Saratoga High), and the Fremont Union High School District (Lynbrook High – Cupertino Schools). InLos Gatos, too, there are a variety of school districts. Some of Los Gatos belongs to the Los Gatos-Saratoga HSD but some of it to Campbell Union HSD. Ditto that with the elementary districts, where we find both Los Gatos, Union, and Moreland school districts. So be aware!

Santa Clara County School API Scores (Rev Sept 2008)

More API Information from the State of California

Santa Clara County High School SAT Scores by District (click on each to see schools listed)

Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Results

Great Schools (won’t allow you to return here so please mark this site as one of your favorites so you can visit back easily!) Great Schools includes information on private, as well as public, schools.

Private School Statistics about 9-10% of California’s students attend private, rather than public, schools. The state of California has some statistics on these schools and their enrollment.

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