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Receiving an Offer

When I represent Silicon Valley sellers or buyers, I prefer to meet with the “other side’s agent” when the offer is presented. Faxed offers tend to be a bad idea for several reasons:


  • A faxed offer is not usually private or secure (unless it’s an E-Fax)
  • A faxed offer may be received incompletely
  • An offer that is faxed does not tell the seller or listing agent much about the real estate agent working with potential buyers
  • It is more difficult to clarify questions, issues, or concerns in an offer if it is not presented in personEach sale is a little different from the next. In Santa Clara County, we have two contracts or purchase agreements which are primarily in use: The Peninsula Regional Data Service form (PRDS) and the California Association of Realtors (CAR) form. We will discuss these two contracts and may have a choice about which one is used, depending on whether it is a buyers or sellers market and other things. Once we are through the acceptance of the offer stage, we have other work to do to get your Silicon Valley home sold and closed.Hopefully the disclosures are all completed prior to this time and have been delivered in advance to the buyer. If not, that is the first thing that gets done – along with ordering inspections, getting the preliminary title report and contract to the lender, and making sure the appraisal is scheduled.To make things easier, at the onset of a sale I do a timeline for each client (and the other party to make sure we’re all “on the same page”) to give you an idea of what to expect now that we’re in escrow.

    Additionally, I offer online transaction management tools so that you will always have access to the


  • timeline
  • list of people involved in the transation
  • disclosures (which I upload onto the site)
  • purchase agreement (in case you need to reference it when you are not next to your file)
    I will also email you regularly (or call, or mail in US post, if you prefer) with information regarding advertising, showings, etc. You will always know what is going on. You have my guarantee!