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Traditional marketing, too

All of the following marketing programs are used by other real estate agents. However, I take the same stand-alone programs that other Realtors use, and link them together and coordinate them with my automated information delivery and response system. Many of our engineer buyers (and sellers) here in Silicon Valley appreciate the decidedly high tech approach to getting property information.

Traditional marketing methods I use:

I enter your home in the local and regional MLS system and corporate database.

An MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, is a private database used by Realtors and other real estate licensees to exchange information about homes for sale. The goal of the database is to unite home buyers with home sellers. There are about 8000 Realtors in Santa Clara County, and about 15,000 members of our MLS system altogether.

As soon as you tell me that you would like me to represent you, I will publish the details of your home in the MLS database so other real estate agents can find it. This information is immediately available to other Realtors.

I photograph your property for a variety of advertisements, and especially for my websites. (This site,, is my flagship site but I have several other sites too, including,, and more!)

I regularly publish in magazines and newspapers in my area.

I also use a variety of the following methods to advertise your home:

  1. Email.
  2. Brochures for distribution to other realtors.
  3. Direct mail to potential buyers.
  4. Property Brochures.
  5. I promote your property at MLS marketing sessions.
  6. I install a sign on your property.
  7. I host your Open Home.
  8. I give Broker Home Tours.
  9. I install a lockbox.
  10. I accept referrals (70% of all homes are sold through referrals).