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Traditional marketing, too

Traditional marketing methods remain important (in addition to the high tech tools we use).

Traditional marketing: Sereno for sale sign - but custom rider sign for high tech touchTraditional marketing methods we use:

I enter your home in the local and regional MLS system and company database.

An MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, is a private database used by Realtors and other real estate licensees to exchange information about homes for sale. The goal of the database is to unite home buyers with home sellers via their agents. There are about 9000 Realtors in Santa Clara County, and about 17,000 members of our MLS system altogether, including San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties. This system is now connected to other MLSs in our region, including the East Bay and San Francisco.

As soon as your home is ready, we will publish the details, including photos and a link to the virtual tour. in the MLS database so other real estate agents can find it. This information is immediately available to other Realtors.

We professionally photograph your property for a variety of advertisements, and especially for our websites.

We utilize a lockbox (and online scheduling) for ease of showings and for security – we know who’s there and when.

We also use a variety of the following traditional marketing methods to promote and show your home:

  1. Email.
  2. Electronic brochures or fliers for distribution to other realtors.
  3. Networking through office meetings, board meetings, and other Realtor events.
  4. Four page, color property brochures (were not allowed for much of the pandemic, but now are permitted).
  5. A beautiful for sale sign will installed at the property with a flier box (photo above was taken when fliers were not able to be used).
  6. Open houses will be hosted.
  7. Broker tours will be hosted

Of course, we don’t only use traditional marketing! We use cutting edge home sale success tools to promote our listings, to communicate quickly with interested buyers or their agents, and to facilitate the marketing, sale, and closing of our listings so they sell quickly, for top dollar, and with the least inconvenience possible for our sellers.

Much of the time, what we have is a blend of traditional marketing with high tech marketing. For example, the for sale sign above will include a website address to directly access the virtual tour, making it quick for interested home buyers to learn about the house.  The heavyweight paper fliers, too, will have the web address for the virtual tour.  We want your home to be found online, but to get there, properties also need to be marketed physically – and we do both.