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5 Tips to SellingSo you want to sell your Silicon Valley home, but feel overwhelmed?  You aren’t alone!  It’s hard to even get started when the job is so enormous. I’ve helped many people who felt the same way get to the other side with a successful sale and move. Today I’ll share some tips so that you can do it, too.

5 Tips to Get You Started On Selling Your Home

1) Break it down to a list of smaller jobs

Big projects can be extremely difficult for some people to tackle.  For those who are able to scale the intimdiatingly large projects, a well known secret is this: break it into small pieces. That was an important lesson I learned as a freshman in college facing my first, terrifying round of final exams.

By breaking it into many smaller tasks, it’s far less scary and becomes, in reality, more doable.

2) Tackle the jobs one at a time.  (Or at least only a few at a time!)

Each time you complete a task, you will get a sense of accomplishment and relief.  If instead you do 5% of each item per week, you’ll feel like you’re getting nowhere!

3) Get help.

There are professionals to help you for every step of the journey.  You can hire people to help you to declutter (what to save, keep, give away, sell, etc.).  There are others who will assist you with shaping up the house: repairs, painting, cleaning.   Hire your Realtor EARLY on in the process and you’ll be amazed at how much good advice you’ll get that will streamline the job at hand.    Your Realtor can probably suggest a staging consultant to help you, too.

4) Track your progress.

Moving, and all that leads up to it, can be the kind of job that grows as you work on it.  But if you go into it knowing that it’s a bit of a cha-cha, with some steps forward and some steps backward, you’ll be able to see the overall trend of advancing to your goals.

5) Not going fast enough? Consider moving first.

If you are really not going fast enough, and have a hard deadline (say a relocation move), it may be best to move first and do everything else later.  It can be easier to sell a vacant house (it helps a ton of it is staged) and to get repairs and improvements done if the workers don’t need to worry about bothering you, allowing pets to get out, etc.

If you hire a really good Realtor to be your listing agent early in the process, you will find that the tasks at hand can be helped to be more manageable.

Thinking of selling your home in Silicon Valley?  Please give me a call, or send me an email, and we can get you on the right path soon!

Break it down to a list