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Willow Glen SignWillow Glen, though a neighborhood of San Jose, has a very distinct, vibrant personality of its own. If a local is asked where they are from they will say “Willow Glen”, before San Jose.

Located adjacent to downtown San Jose along the Guadalupe River and bordering Campbell, this central area is one of the older residential neighborhoods in the valley with plenty of architectural and natural charm. It was once its own town and enjoys a little downtown area for that reason.

Typical Palm Haven HomeWhat types of homes will you find in Willow Glen? Victorian, Craftsman, Spanish bungalow, Spanish revival, Tudor and mid-century modern architecture such as Eichlers are not uncommon, as are mature tree lined-streets, making for a lovely landscape. One area, known as Palm Haven, has a myriad of palm trees (both Royal Palm and Fan Palm) and older, diverse architecture surrounding a community park. Touching both the Guadalupe River and Los Gatos Creek, Willow Glen is also filled with native trees, and is a wonderful place to garden.

A charming downtown area packed with boutiques, shops, and dining, often celebrating holidays, festivals, music, and theatre events makes Willow Glen a community of its own. The Christmas season is special in Willow Glen, and the neighborhood is known for its displays. Many neighbors decorate their front yards with a single Christmas tree and lights, while other homes are fully decked out to the extreme. It is by far the most scenic area of Santa Clara County during the holidays!

Before it was annexed in the 1920s it had already developed an identity of its own, which it remains strongly tied to today.

Second Harvest Food BankWillow Glen has a social conscience, too. There are organizations of religious groups, faiths and churches which meet to address social justice issues. One of the most popular sources of food for the hungry of Silicon Valley is the amazing Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. This is a full-circle kind of thing as Willow Glen was once very famous for the fabulous orchards that fed the Santa Clara County. It is probably no accident that the garden next to Second Harvest Food Bank includes fruit trees!

In Willow Glen there the sense of identity within the community that runs deep, as and so does the level of community involvement. If you ask someone from the San Jose 95125 zip code where he or she is from, you are most likely to hear “Willow Glen” rather than “San Jose”.

In summers you can enjoy free music in Willow Glen and throughout much of the year, make use of a huge variety of sports available in the parks. Most municipal parks include places for basketball or maybe tennis plus facilities for picnicking. But parks in Willow Glen also provide for handball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, and even lawn bowling or bocce ball (an Italian recreation, also available in Los Gatos at Oak Meadow Park and at Campo de Bocce, a restaurant/Bocce Ball course).

There’s a great trail for running, walking, rollerblading or biking along the Los Gatos Creek, too (it was renovated by the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association not too long ago).

During the Christmas Season, Willow Glen residents go all out with the décor. In Willow Glen there’s a tradition that most home owners participate in of putting a Christmas tree in the front yard with lights on it. It is a beautiful sight to see each December.
Transportation is easy in Willow Glen – it is very close to downtown San Jose and there’s quick access to highway 280 and highway 17/880 too. Additionally, there is a nearby Caltrain station.

Below please find a live Altos Research chart, showing the median list price of homes for sale in Willow Glen, which is 99% covered by the San Jose 95125 zip code – this will give you an idea of what a house might cost there.

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

How’s the real estate market in Willow Glen? Check out the current data provided on my Re Report.

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